Stops them snoring, or your money back

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Earship™ Mouth Tape

Earship™ Mouth Tape

Are you worried about their snoring? We feel you. Snoring isn't just disruptive, it can significantly damage your partner's health. That's why we invented Earship's Mouth Tape. It prevents mouth breathing, which helps your partner stop snoring throughout the night. That means better sleep for your partner, for you, and better health overall. 
  • From $8.34/month ($0.27/night)
  • Helps them stop snoring for better sleep
  • Beard & moustache friendly
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  • 🤫 Stops Snoring

  • 😴 Improve Sleep Quality

  • 🌵 Reduce Dry Mouth

  • 🍃 Improve O2 Intake

  • ❤️ Reduce Heart Risk

  • 📈 Improve Recovery

  • "I stopped snoring, and it was my best sleep"

    I got this because I needed to stop snoring. It was ruining my sleep and my wife's sleep for years. The crazy part is that once I tried this, I realised not only did it help me stop snoring, but it gave me my best sleep. EVER. Highly recommend it...

  • "Even though I could sleep through his snoring, I still got my husband this..."

    Earship's sleep plugs were saving my nights, but my concerns for my husband remained. I want him around for a long time, and I knew his snoring was bad for him. We trialled it out, and it took a while for him to get used to it, but even he admitted he was getting some of the best sleep he ever had. Now we keep getting this.

  • "Genuinely great value for money!"

    The fact that it costs my husband less than $0.3/night to get some of his best sleep made it worth it. I even ended up getting some for myself because his sleep was so good!

  • Said their partner stopped snoring when they got them Earship Mouth Tape

  • Noticed their partner's seemed more refreshed when they used Earship Mouth Tape

  • Felt less concerned for their partner's snoring once their partner used Earship's Mouth Tape regularly