Sleep through their snoring, or your money back!

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SnoreSilence™ Sleep Plugs - Free Set Included

SnoreSilence™ Sleep Plugs - Free Set Included

“They are great! Soft in the ears & I can sleep in the same bed as my husband”
Teresa G

Are you tired of tossing and turning, night after night, while your partner's SNORING keeps you awake? Then you need SnoreSilence™ Sleep Plugs for a good night's sleep

    • Sleep through their snoring, or your money back
    • Comfortable for all sleeping positions, & doesn't hurt your ears
    • Stays in position throughout the night
    • You'll be able to hear the alarm and the smoke detector, don't worry
    • 94% of our happy customers noticed they were in a better mood with their partner
    🔥 Buy one set now, and get another set for free!
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    • Whisper-Quiet Sleep

      Slip in our snug-fitting, feather-light plugs, and the world of serene, uninterrupted sleep is yours! Our advanced noise-cancelling design ensures that the loudest of snores are transformed into a gentle murmur.

    • Rekindle Romance

      Your partner's snoring doesn't have to be a relationship-ruiner! SnoreSilence™ Sleep Plugs let you cozy up, cuddle, and reconnect, all night long. No more separate bedrooms - it's time for togetherness!

    • Wake Up Refreshed

      Sleep is essential for health and happiness. With SnoreSilence™ Sleep Plugs, you'll wake up refreshed, ready to conquer the day. No more fatigue, irritability, or dark under-eye circles!

    Collen S.
    “These are the only earplugs that I've used that actually work”
    "I have tried EVERYTHING ! My husband snores like a freight train all night. These are the only earplugs that I have used that actually work. They are small, comfortable and very easy to use. I just ordered another set because I don't know what I would do if I lost these"
    Heather D.
    "I can finally sleep, and I can still hear the alarm!"
    “These are the best thing I’ve ever come across! My BF snores so loud you can hear him from the bedroom in the garage! It’s fricken loud! I finally can sleep and so can everyone else! I still hear my alarm but the annoying noise that use to keep me up now is silent! Thank you to the makers of these ear plugs!!!!"
    Connie S.
    "First time in years I've been able to sleep beside my hubby"
     "I’m not much of a believer in FB products but holy cow these do work! I just slept through the night beside my hubby! First time in years. I will always have a pair of these now! Thank you"
    • 2x More Effective Than Normal Earplugs

      Normal earplugs only have 13 dB of noise reduction, whereas our earplugs have 26 db of noise reduction. That means your partner's loud snores become a gentle rumble with our earplugs

    • Doesn't Hurt Your Ears

      Over 70% of earplug wearers admit that their earplugs cause pain and discomfort. Our earplugs are made with buttery-soft silicone for a comfortable fit. No more waking up with sore ears!

    • Stays In Position

      Your ears are unique, so why are all earplugs the same size? This is the reason why many earplugs fall off in the middle of the night for side-sleepers. We designed our earplugs to have three separate sized plugs to ensure a perfect fit, so that it stays in position as you sleep.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it comfortable for side sleeping?

    Yes - our earplugs are designed to be comfortable for all sleeping positions

    Will I still be able to hear my alarm?

    Of course - our customers have informed us they had no issue hearing their alarm in the morning with SnoreSilence™ Sleep Plugs Plugs (although it is a lot quieter!)

    Is it reusable?

    Yes - our earplugs are reusable

    Does it come with a warranty?

    All our products at Earship come with a one year warranty

    How long is shipping?

    Order processing takes 1-4 business days for shipment. Once items are shipped, the estimated delivery time is (business days)

    USA - 6-12 days

    Australia - 5-10 days

    Canada - 8-14 days

    New Zealand - 5-10 days

    South Africa - 8-13 days

    Israel - 8-13 days

    Singapore - 8-13 days

    UAE - 8-15 days

    Are taxes and duties included?

    Yes - all taxes and duties are included

    • Said they could sleep better through their partner's snoring

    • Noticed they were in a better mood with their partner

    • Would recommend it to any couple experiencing snoring issues

    Better Sleep, Guaranteed

    We’re confident that you’ll love to sleep with SnoreSilence™ Sleep Plugs. If for some reason you find that they aren’t right for you, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. So what do you have to lose?

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