Our Story

Relationships Shouldn't Suffer Because Of Snoring

Snoring is an unfortunate reality that many of us cannot control, and it's a shame when it negatively impacts sleep for both partners.

But deeper than just bad sleep, snoring can have an impact on intimacy and safety. Sleep is a time to recover safely, but when a partner snores, it can cause a lot of frustration and anxiety for both partners.

So we had two options

Ignore it, or solve it.

We decided to solve it. Firstly, we tested every snoring solution on the market for snorers - but unfortunately, they were either too impractical or expensive.

We then turned our attention to the partner who doesn't snore - and it felt like the only options were earplugs.

So we tested every earplug on the market - but it was either too ineffective, or too uncomfortable - it became clear that if we wanted to solve this challenge, we needed to design our own ear plugs to combat snoring.

So that's exactly what we did.

After £££ of testing, we finally came to our SnoreSilence™ Sleep Plugs.

Designed to significantly reduce the noise of snoring while still being comfortable, it ensures a better sleep for both partners.