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Comfortable earplugs for peaceful sleep, calmer travel, and deeper focus.

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Powerful noise reduction

Muffles sound to get you in your bubble with 26 dB of noise reduction

Comfortable, all day and night

Made with buttery soft silicone that stays comfortably in place all day and night, even when side-sleeping

Always a perfect fit

Choose between 3 interchangeable ear tip sizes (included) for maximum comfort

Reusable and easy to clean

Rewearable day after day, and night after night

Convenient Carry Case

Redesigned to secure your earplugs in place while on the go

Certified Hearing Protection

Offering high-quality protection against damaging noise

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  • Peaceful sleep

    Filter out nighttime noises and heavy snoring for a deep and restorative sleep

  • Calmer travel

    Reduce sensory overload for stress-free trips to arrive feeling refreshed

  • Deeper focus

    Muffle distractions to get in the zone and maximize your productivity

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I still hear my alarm?

Yes - Earship is strong enough to tune out most noises, but you'll still hear your alarm. That's because your alarm's proximity and frequency is closer, sharper, and louder than most noises.

How long does shipping take?

All orders are shipped domestically and take anywhere between 5-8 working days.

How does the 100-Day Hassle-Free Returns policy work?

You have 100 days after receiving your item to request a return for any reason. Even if you've used Earship!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Julia Gonzalez

I absolutely love these! I have been sleeping with earplugs for over 20 years now. Tried different varieties and thought I had the best ones. Somebody had recommended these and I thought they were ridiculously priced. But finally decided to try them because since I use them every night, I decided it might be worth it because sometimes I wake up with some ear soreness with traditional ones. I've been using these for over six months now, and I have not woken up once with any kind of ear pain or soreness. Buying another pair so I don't have to go without them even one night if I lose one.

Pearl Potter
Perfect for flights

I travel on flights pretty often and I am a very light sleeper and those who’ve been on a plane knows how loud the engine can be especially when it’s a long distance 12+ hour flight. These are a lot more comfortable than traditional ear plugs and they do a good job blocking out noise.

Ann Malone
Handles snorers pretty well!

I first bought these for my daughter because her partner snores. She text me after the first night and said “these are perfect”. I asked her what she liked and she said the ease and comfort of putting them in and the fact that they stayed in all night long and did not require her to search her bed in the middle of the night to reinsert them. I bought a pair for myself and they are so comfortable and fit perfect as soon as they are in your ear! No twirling the foam earplug and hoping they expand to fit right!!!!

Best for sleep, and everything else really

These are the only ear plugs I’ve ever slept in that didn’t hurt my ears. These are so flexible and soft and also work really well. They don’t filter all noise of course but they easily take care of sounds like slipper shuffling and water running and typical sounds from outside as well like airplanes and cars starting. I highly recommend for any situation. They work just as well as foamies but are reusable, easy to wash, and come with a tiny storage case for easy transport and to keep them clean. I even use these at band practice & I just can’t say enough good things about them.

Mary Hall
Helps me focus better

I wear them mostly at the office. It helps me focus a lot better and it drowns out a lot of sounds. Also, they’re super comfortable. I wear them for hours and my ears don’t hurt :) These aren’t noise cancelling ear plugs. You’ll still hear sounds, but it will be dampened very much. Regular noise will sound like background noise with these earplugs.